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Suture Express


Lenexa, KS

Investment Date

August 2006

Exit Date

January 2010

Healthcare professional using Suture Express surgical tools

We believe the ownership / management team transition was successful. The New Harbor team identified and hired an experienced industry executive, Ed Kuklenski, to manage the business. Under Ed’s leadership, Suture Express achieved organic growth of over 30% per year. The success of the company led to the establishment of a new GPO contracting category. Ultimately, the company’s leading position in a niche market drew significant strategic and private equity interest, and the business was sold to Diamond Castle Partners in January 2010.

“Ed & Tom have done an excellent job of perfecting an equity incentive program that aligns the financial interests of the investors and management. Their knowledge & experience were critical to Suture Express achieving a timely & successful exit.

Ed Kuklenski Headshot Ed Kuklenski
Suture Express, Executive Chairman and Former CEO

Investment Accomplishments:

  • Built a Board of Directors. Established strategic board of directors which provided the Company with insights and expanded relationships with acute care hospitals.
  • Built management team. Successfully transitioned the business from the four original founders to a professional management team led by an experienced industry executive, Ed Kuklenski.
  • Supported gains in productivity. Utilized technology to improve the operations of a highly complex distribution process. Established dashboard reports to more effectively manage and monitor financial and operating performance of the business.
  • Added new product categories. Through focus research, successfully added several new product categories which leveraged the company’s differentiated overnight delivery model.

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