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Embracing and Embodying Servant Leadership

The New Harbor Charitable Foundation is a nonprofit organization formed in 2022 by New Harbor in an effort to encourage, embrace, and embody the spirit of servant leadership throughout our firm.
Whenever possible, we seek to have a personal relationship with the organizations we support, and specifically seek to support organizations that provide service opportunities for our team.
For questions or inquiries related to the Foundation, please contact Hayley Formolo, VP – Marketing & Communications.

The New Harbor Charitable Foundation

Our Mission

The New Harbor Charitable Foundation supports organizations that promote human thriving through health, education, and community development initiatives, both financially and with hands-on involvement. Through our focus on the needs and welfare of others, we seek to enhance our partnership skills as investors.

Our Vision

We believe our Foundation will open doors of opportunity for others and empower our employees to embrace and embody servant leadership.

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