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Business Services

ARC Document Solutions


Walnut Creek, CA

Investment Date

April 2000

Exit Date

March 2007

Office employee using ARC Document Solutions to organize stack of paper

New Harbor Team members partnered with the founders of ARC Document Technologies to help the company nearly triple in size through both organic growth and more than 50 add-on acquisitions over a five-year period culminating in an initial public offering (NYSE: ARC).  Growth continued to accelerate during the two years following the IPO while the investment was exited through two successful secondary offerings. Cumulatively, the business had a five-fold increase in size during the period of our involvement.  Mohan Chandramohan, Founder and former CEO of ARC, continues to be an Executive Advisor to New Harbor Capital.

“The New Harbor principals were strategic thinkers who really took the time to understand our business. They brought outstanding independent directors into the board, and contributed industry-specific strategic value to our company. In the end, their guidance was instrumental in preparing ARC to become a public company.

New Harbor Capital Executive Advisor Mohan Chandramohan Mohan Chandramohan
ARC Document Solutions, Former Chairman and CEO

Investment Accomplishments:

  • Established strategic board of directors including three outside board members to provide business, organizational and industry insights
  • Guided corporate development through over 50 add-on acquisitions including acquiring ARC’s largest competitor on two occasions
  • Provided capital markets guidance through multiple refinancings
  • Helped professionalize the business including development of budgeting, financial reporting and analysis, and implementation of systems and controls to facilitate better insights into the business by outside parties
  • Prepared the company and its management for an IPO

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