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Royall & Company


Richmond, VA

Investment Date

December 2011

Exit Date

January 2015

College student utilizing Royall & Company services and support

Through the successful partnership between Royall & Company and New Harbor team members (while employed at a former firm), Royall & Company achieved record new client growth and retention, improvements in productivity and profitability and expansion into new service offerings. As a result of this success, Royall received significant interest from potential acquirors, and was ultimately acquired by The Advisory Board Company in early 2015.

Investment Accomplishments:

  • Built a Board of Directors. Established strategic board of directors with deep education industry expertise.
  • Built management team. Augmented management organization to support accelerated growth with key positions added in HR, IT, finance and corporate development.
  • Enhanced sales & marketing approach. Reconfigured the sales organization, implementing a team-based approach, a new compensation model, subject matter experts and thought leadership events.
  • Guided corporate development. Successfully entered financial aid services through a strategic acquisition and implemented international student recruitment strategy.

*Represents investments by certain New Harbor Capital Partners while at their former firm. The individual(s) Partners either sourced/led the investment or served as an active representative. These investments do not comprise all the investments made by the prior firm nor is it a complete list of investments in which the Partners were involved.

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