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Ryan Burch


Director, Portfolio Operations Group - TechOps

Ryan Burch, New Harbor Capital Portfolio Operations Group Information Technology leadership

Ryan Burch brings over 10 years of experience working for and alongside private equity portfolio companies to his role as Director, Portfolio Operations Group – TechOps. Most recently, Ryan worked for Maclaurin Group as VP of Engineering. During his time at MacLaurin Group, he worked with numerous private equity firms and portfolio companies providing technical due diligence, technology advisory, and hands-on cloud software development.

Before joining MacLaurin Group, Ryan was Chief Technology Officer of CodeArcs, where he worked with a variety of private equity portfolio companies on large engineering efforts, such as cloud migration and legacy application modernization.

Ryan got his start at Royall & Company, a former portfolio company of CHS Capital. During his time at Royall, he developed many highly scalable, business-critical systems that helped power the growth of the company.

Ryan holds a degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech.

*Member of New Harbor’s Portfolio Operations Group, an affiliate that provides and arranges consulting and advisory services to New Harbor portfolio companies for fees separate from those earned by the investment adviser.