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Alan Williamson


Partner, Portfolio Operations Group – TechOps

Alan Williamson, New Harbor Capital Portfolio Operations Group Information Technology leadership

Alan Williamson brings over 25 years of data and technology experience to his role as Partner, Portfolio Operations Group – TechOps. Most recently, Alan served as Chief Technology Officer and Partner of MacLaurin Group, supporting portfolio company operations through CTO and Architectural Advisory. He has provided CTO executive team leadership for multiple private equity-backed organizations, including Royall & Company, a former portfolio company of CHS Capital.

Serving as Technology Principal at ParkerGale Capital, Alan rebuilt and delivered the complete architecture for their IoT company to run exclusively within Amazon cloud around a microservices design pattern, backed by a full RESTful API. Alan has published several books in the Java space covering Enterprise Java, Servlets, JavaMail, and database access.

Alan holds a degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Digital Control from the University of Paisley, Scotland.

*Member of New Harbor’s Portfolio Operations Group, an affiliate that provides and arranges consulting and advisory services to New Harbor portfolio companies for fees separate from those earned by the investment adviser.