Business Services

With $6+ trillion of revenue, the services sector is a large and rapidly growing component of the U.S. economy. Service businesses that focus on leveraging scale, best practices, or technology to drive growth and consolidation are of particular interest to New Harbor. While we look for unique opportunities across multiple service industry business segments and business models, our team has a specific interest in business process outsourcing, marketing services, and technology-enabled services businesses.


In the $3 trillion U.S. healthcare market, an aging population and rapid growth in spending are driving demand for innovative solutions that improve quality, lower cost, and increase access. New Harbor seeks to partner with leaders in outsourced services for acute and outpatient providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as niche specialty distribution and home health businesses.


Education, a $4.5 trillion global market, is essential to our long-term economic prosperity. Given an increased dialogue around efficiency, responsibility and access, New Harbor is interested in outsourced service providers, post-secondary student recruiting, tutoring and test prep, and testing and measurement. In addition, we’re interested in corporate training and continuing education, as well as niche education service providers.


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