What We Do

Build a Strategic Board of Directors

Great companies need sophisticated coaching and strategic guidance to navigate accelerated growth. The New Harbor team builds a strategic board of two to three outside directors that’s tailored to the needs of each of our investments. The board of directors often includes one or more Executive Advisors, as well as outside industry experts pulled from our extensive professional network.

Provide Access to Capital to Fund Growth

Rapidly growing companies need access to capital as the business reaches new heights. In addition to our fund capital, and co-invest capital from limited partners, the New Harbor team has extensive capital markets and financing experience. We leverage these relationships to provide seamless access to resources for our growing businesses.

Build a Management Team

Entrepreneur-owned businesses often have gaps in the management team. The New Harbor team works with sellers and management teams to develop a strategic organization plan prior to investing, and has extensive experience in identifying and recruiting top-level talent to fulfill those plans.

Guide Corporate Development

Frequently, the companies we work with have limited experience in making add-on acquisitions. The New Harbor team has completed over 185 follow-on acquisitions for our portfolio companies since 2000. We are deeply experienced in finding, acquiring, and integrating complementary acquisitions.

Support Gains in Productivity

To gain sustainable advantages over competitors to fuel accelerated growth, investments in technology and productivity tools are often beneficial. The New Harbor team has long-standing relationships with experts in these areas that can assist our companies in optimizing performance.

To provide guidance inspired by our professional expertise, New Harbor concentrates our investment efforts within three target markets: business services, healthcare, and education.


References throughout this site to actions taken by “New Harbor” or the “New Harbor Team” in 2015 and prior years include actions taken by New Harbor personnel at an affiliated predecessor firm.

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