The New Harbor Approach

Offer Insight

New Harbor will focus our efforts in areas where we have prior experience, specific interests, and an ability to contribute measurable value. To accomplish this, we leverage the extensive knowledge of our Investment Team and Executive Advisors, as well as focused and directed research. Since 2000, the New Harbor principals have invested in over 200 businesses, and have deployed nearly $500 million of equity capital into investments within our focus areas.

Build Relationships

Relationships are foundational to our approach. New Harbor seeks to build long-term partnerships with sellers and management teams and maintains an active Board of Directors-level involvement with all of our portfolio companies. Many of the founders or CEOs of prior portfolio companies have partnered with, or become Executive Advisors to our affiliates, underscoring our success in building long-term relationships.

Encourage Creativity

Business owners in the lower middle market have complex estate planning, career, and legacy objectives. New Harbor takes pride in our ability to listen closely, and think outside the box to author unique and creative solutions to these often conflicting objectives. Our ability to problem-solve can be the difference maker for a business owner.

Provide Clarity

The core of our value creation approach is to work from a plan that is carefully developed in collaboration with the seller and management prior to making our investment. New Harbor clearly spells out milestones, roles, and success measures. Our approach minimizes the likelihood of misunderstanding or relationship breakdown following our investment.

To understand how New Harbor implements our proven strategy, explore Our Process.


References throughout this site to actions taken by “New Harbor” or the “New Harbor Team” in 2015 and prior years include actions taken by New Harbor personnel at an affiliated predecessor firm.

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